Moving Checklist

Use this moving checklist to plan for a smooth move.

Before Your Move — Choose Your Mover Carefully

  • All movers must be properly registered with an “Active” TxDMV certificate number for intrastate moves (moves within the state). Ask the mover to provide their TxDMV number and then verify that the number is “ACTIVE” by calling 1-888-368-4689 (options 3, then 2) or go to:
  • All registered movers are required to file a listing of their maximum rates (tariff) with the department. Request a copy from your mover or contact the department at the toll-free number above.
  • Plan ahead and be prepared. Inform the mover of all items to be moved and services you’re expecting (i.e., intermediate stops, third floor moves, long distance carries, elevators, etc.) as this may impact your charges.
  • Ask questions. Don’t rely on verbal agreements. Make sure all arrangements regarding your move are documented.
  • All movers are required to provide you with a written proposal and contract PRIOR to loading your move. Obtain a signed written contract.
  • All movers are required to provide you with a “Rights and Responsibilities” brochure. Obtain a copy of this document.
  • All movers assume liability for no more than .60 cents per pound per article. Ask your mover if they offer a higher level of liability. Keep in mind, this is not Insurance.
  • If you want to insure your items ask the mover if they offer transit insurance or contact an insurance company.
  • Check the condition of all your items prior to the move and inquire about an inventory with the mover.
  • Read all documents and understand all charges before you sign anything.

During Your Move – Packing & Loading

  • If you’re doing you own packing, pack with appropriate cartons and don’t overload. Label all fragile cartons.
  • Keep all valuables, important documents and medications with you. Remember, the mover’s liability is .60 cents per pound per article.
  • Accompany the mover if an inventory is conducted. Sign and agree to the inventoried items PRIOR to and AFTER the move.
  • Be available to the mover during the move to answer any questions or to give further instructions.
  • All movers are required to obtain your signature on the Moving Services Contract PRIOR to loading your shipment. Read the document before you sign it.
  • Take a final look around to make sure nothing is left behind.


  • Supervise the unloading of your shipment.
  • Check the condition of your items. Notify the mover immediately on any damaged items and notate it on all copies of your moving services contract.
  • Be prepared to pay the maximum amount listed on the written proposal.
  • All movers are required to provide you with a completed copy of the moving services contract upon delivery of your shipment, including an itemized billing of all charges.
  • If an inventory document was prepared, the mover is required to have you sign the document at the destination point.

Download this Moving Checklist (PDF)