How to Choose Local Movers

Choosing from among several local movers can be daunting. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Collect three estimates and ask questions. Be specific as to what you want the movers to do and make sure it is documented somewhere! Get written estimates.
  • Verify that they are available to move you on the day you want to move.
  • Ask the salesperson about their company i.e. number of years in business, number of employees, affiliated with a van line (i.e. Atlas), location, and storage capabilities etc.
  • What kind of experience does the salesperson have? You want to know if your estimate will be accurate. They should guarantee the price or offer a not-to-exceed price based on the services you are requesting.
  • How many employees do they have, how many years experience do they have? In the summer, the more employees the better.
  • Make sure they provide you a copy of the “Rights & Responsibilities When you Move in Texas” and read it!
  • Are they registered with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and if so, they are a legal carrier? Look for the TXDOT number to verify that they are registered.
  • Did you check with the Better Business Bureau (713-868-9500) and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (888-368-4689)
  • Do you have specific items you are concerned about? If so, ask each mover how he or she would handle those items.
  • If you have things going into storage, conduct site visits with prospective movers. Are the facilities clean, safe, secure, insured, climate controlled, monitored for fire, water, and theft?
  • What type of quality control programs do they have in place?
  • What is their liability for damage? Are there any other options and at what expense?
  • What is their claims procedure if something does get damaged?
  • They should provide a certificate of insurance to show proof of G.L., cargo liability limits, auto liability and workers compensation/accident policy?
  • Check at least three references for customers with similar size and scope.

Download this Guide to Choosing a Local Mover (PDF)