Why Moving is Good for You

It is well known that moving can be stressful.  In fact, studies have claimed that moving is the third most stressful life event, preceded only by the death of a loved one and divorce! Well, at All Points Moving, we take the stress out of moving.  We think that moving has gotten a bad rap, and want to point out a few reasons why moving is actually a positive experience.

  1. Moving Benefits the Brainmovers-houston-tx_couple-packing-300x300
    Did you know that the brain requires change to stay at peak condition?  Changing it up can help make you smarter.  There’s a region in your brain called the substantia nigra/ventral segmental area (SN/VTA for short) which serves as part of the reward system for the mind.  When you’re in a new and different environment, this part of the brain activates, sends signals to the rest of your brain, and actually improves your memory!  Creativity and mood enhancing chemicals like dopamine are also stimulated by novelty, so forget the negative press on finding a blank slate! Give yourself and your brain a reward with a healthy, positive change in environment, with the help of All Points Moving of course.
    2.  Moving is Good for Families

    The story is one we all know well – get a job, start a family and make a home.  Whether it is anticipating a marriage, a first child, a second or third baby or even a downsize – one of the most common reasons Americans buy a new home is to accommodate changing families.

    Whenever you see a house for sale, stop and think about its future.  Odds are, that house will soon give shelter to a family entering a new stage of life.  Imagine the memories that will be created.  When a house becomes a home, it’s a beautiful thing and it all starts with a move.

    slide4-1.jpg3.  Moving is Good for the Economy

    Changes in the housing market affect the entire economy.  Home sales remain one of the biggest economic indicators in the nation, and the ripples given off by real estate numbers have an effect on everything from the stock market to geopolitical relations.

    On the micro scale, moving is a positive change for families, but on the macro scale, moving is a positive for the economy and the country. Keep the country strong and get moving!

    Take Pride in Moving Day!

    Forget the negativity surrounding moving day.  With the help of All Points Moving, your move can be completely stress free.  Just remember, you’re helping your brain, you’re helping your family, and you’re helping the country as a whole. Reclaim moving as one of life’s most exciting events—start with positivity and call All Points Moving!