How to Make Moving Less Stressful for Pets

moving-with-pets-300x300As you prepare for your moving day by getting items packed, cancelling utilities, changing addresses, and securing a trustworthy moving company, take a moment to think about your pet.  Whether you have a cat, dog, fish, bird or snake, moves can be extremely stressful for animals.  With that in mind, here are 10 tips to ensure a low-stress move for your pet:

        1. Find a veterinarian in your new location before you leave, and send them copies of your pet’s health records.
        2. Consider having microchip ID inserted under your pet’s skin, and also make sure they are collared and tagged with your name and phone number.
        3. Do a test run.  If you pet has rarely been in a car or crate, try a test run with your pet.  Let them become familiar with the smell of the car and their crate.
        4. When packing, make sure your pets items are packed together and easily accessible.  When you arrive at your new residence, you can quickly make your pet comfortable in a bathroom while the movers begin unpacking.
        5. On moving day, consider asking a friend or family member to watch your pet, and if that is not possible, isolate the animal in a quiet room with a closed door so they are sheltered from the chaos of moving.
        6. Stick to their routine as much as possible.  Try to feed, bath and exercise your pet at the same time as normal to help them adjust to their new setting.
        7. Be aware that small animals such as birds, fish and reptiles can be very sensitive to changes in their water.  Bring containers filled with water from your old home and test the water in your new home.
        8. Regulate the temperature.  Birds and reptiles are affected by changes in temperature, and may become agitated if too cold.
        9. Avoid tranquilizers for your pet unless explicitly discussed with your veterinarian as they can sometimes have adverse side effects and even make your pet more hyperactive and excitable.
        10. Remain calm and give them lots of love!  Animals can sense your feelings, and the best way to keep them calm is to stay calm yourself.